Liminal Performance Group: Workshops

Concept and process

Director Bryan Markovitz guides Liminal’s creative and production processes. He works with other Liminal members to conceptualize the performance as a written score before it is performed. He also teaches rehearsal techniques in research and accumulation, rules and constraints, and extended-duration. In partnership with the ensemble, Markovitz developed Liminal’s signature process of constructing performances with modular and interchangeable units of action that can be arranged in any number of combinations.


The ensemble’s approach to performer physicality is based on the work of Movement Director Amanda Boekelheide who has extensive training in physical and vocal performance practices. In collaboration with the ensemble, Boekelheide developed two primary physical techniques used by Liminal—Articulated Physicality and Mutual Physicality. Articulated Physicality develops the performers precise control and expression of physical action through repertoire, composition and improvisational work. Mutual Physicality focuses on partner work through stretching, support principles, group flips and lifts, and basic structures that build ensemble and physical trust.


Sound Director John Berendzen guides the ensemble in developing sound and electronic media that enhances the unique qualities of live performance. Berendzen designs and programs Liminal’s media and instructs others in media implementation. He has designed and programmed interactive systems for Liminal projects including barcode scanners that trigger media events, game stations that control mechanical objects in the performance space, and set designs that capture sounds from live performers and process them into complex soundscapes. He also collaborates with Liminal video designers to integrate light media with sound and other electronic elements. As a composer and conductor, John collaborates with musicians to perform live compositions for Liminal.

Workshops at Liminal

Liminal performances are so idiosyncratic and unique because our techniques have evolved over nearly ten years of close collaboration. As part of our ongoing work, the ensemble periodically conducts workshops and retreats to expand our skills, exchange our knowledge with others, and learn from those that engage or inspire us.

Liminal co-fouders Bryan Markovitz, Amanda Boekelheide, John Berendzen, Georgia Luce, Christoph Saxe and Jeff Marchant remain integral to developing the ensemble’s conceptual, physical and technical techniques and share responsibilities for directing and teaching workshops and retreats.

Following are highlights from some of our workshops:

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