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Jim Blashfield

Filmmaker, media artist

Filmmaker and media artist Jim Blashfield is currently working with Liminal to create new uses for video and light media in live performance. He is the recipient of a Grammy Award, a Cannes Golden Lion Award and several MTV Video Music Awards for his innovative music videos for Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson and others. His cut-out animated film “Suspicious Circumstances” has been widely seen internationally.

Jim’s current work-in-progress is “Margarine of Air,” a film about mistakes. His recent work includes “The Lone Ranger,” a collaboration with guitarist Bill Frisell which was commissioned by the Experience Music Project in Seattle; “Dream of the Scarlet Crustaceans,” a 44 by four foot block-long video installation commissioned by the City of Las Vegas Arts Commission; “The Tasseled Loafers,” a collaboration with the Oregon Symphony and filmmakers Gus Van Sant, Chel White and Joan Gratz; “The Findings of the Running Dog Commission,” a multiple projector site-specific moving image installation created for the 2004 PDX Film Festival in Portland and “The Levitation Sleeve.” Jim is a keen observer of traffic signs and other humans.

Gabriel Liston

Painter, installation artist
Gabriel’s website

Gabriel Liston is currently working with Liminal on a new production involving cadavers and whiskey. Gabriel’s current body of work is Proposal for a Cairn to Mark, a series of paintings and drawings that help recall the significance of a place. His cairn series is made up of referential objects painted in landscapes that were generated from workbook studies (some made under absent duress) or from memory.

Gabriel was raised in Western Colorado among other children, Vietnam vets, hospice patients, an old library and ponies. He studied painting in Colorado and completed his BFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Gabriel has had numerous exhibitions at galleries and museums in Colorado and Oregon including the Aspen Art Museum 2000 Biennial, Woody Creek General Store and Gallery, Wyly Community Art Center, PS What, Black Diamond Studios, Betty Feves Memorial Gallery, and the Metropolitan Art Studio. With the exception of frequent excursions to Colorado to paint, teach, and show, he continues to live in Portland in a small house with a large family.

Jacob Coleman


Jacob Coleman is performing in the upcoming 2005 Liminal show. This is his first collaboration with Liminal after years of admiring their work. He is a co-founder of Portland’s Fever Theater and has served them as a performer, writer and director for over two years.

Jacob studied theater at the University of Washington and The Evergreen State College. He currently teaches theater at Binnsmead Middle School and Vernon Elementary School as well as teaching Chess at Duniway Elementary. Jacob is a sly fellow who loves sipping tea.

Kate Sanderson

Fever Theater website

For the last four years, Kate Sanderson has been performing, directing and designing almost exclusively with Fever Theater, a group she co-founded. Working with Liminal presents a very pleasurable and educational diversion from the old ball and chain. Kate’s most recent performance was in Fever Theater’s Like a Five Wheeled Bicycle, after taking a break from the spotlight to design for the 2004 Fever production, Sneaky Little Armageddons.

Kate received her BA in theater production and filmmaking from The Evergreen State College. She is a registered yoga teacher and movement enthusiast. Her cooking does a body good.

Leslie Goodwin


Leslie Goodwin, a bean counter for an engineering firm, put her tabulation skills to good use when she recorded 3,708 pours while performing Tomas Schmit’s Zyklus for Liminal’s 2003 Fluxconcert PDX. Formerly co-director and principal dancer with Ballet Arkansas, Leslie enjoyed departing from tradition as a performer in Liminal’s The Seven Deadly Sins and Faust(Faust).

Chris Piuma

Writer, musician, web designer

Chris Piuma trains computers to write poetry, edits flim, performs in the Minor Thirds, and maintains this very website. He is one of the organizers of Spare Room‘s experimental poetry readings. He held two positions in the Resurrectory, as balladeer and docent, sometimes simultaneously. Meanwhile, he bakes bread and rearranges furniture.


Production, factotum

kollodi is a co-artistic director of defunkt theatre among other odd things. She gets the call when someone wants to fly food, eviscerate or castrate, age skeletons, or make 600 pounds of human ashes. In 2003, kollodi received a Drammy Award for Outstanding Set Design for defunkt theatre’s production of “The Bad Infinity.” Her scenic and properties work has also been seen at Artists’ Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.), Theatre Vertigo, Fever Theater, Stark Raving, and Many Hats Productions. She wanders onstage sometimes and has been sighted at defunkt, A.R.T., Conduit, and Telegraph. Occasional producer, she has worked with comic book artists Ezra Claytan Daniels and Shannon Wheeler in the creation of hybrid forms, melding comic book artistry with theatrical presentation; she also works with found sound artist Matthew Marble, producing listening events combining sound score with collective participation. By day, kollodi works as Stage & Production Manager and Resident Scenic Designer for CITE Theatre Collective touring shows about sustainability, energy conservation and diversity. Once upon a time, kollodi worked for The King’s Head Theatre Club in London with Royal Shakespeare Company actors and international personalities, a renegade music zine no one has ever heard of, and a Level 2 Biohazard Laboratory.

Liminal works well with others

Following is a list of current artists with whom the ensemble collaborates:

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